Dulux Galvanised Iron Primer

Dulux Galvanised Iron Primer is a versatile, premium quality primer for galvanised iron and non-ferrous metals.

Dulux Gloss Enamel

Dulux Gloss Enamel is a high quality interior/exterior enamel for surfaces where a glossy durable finish is required.

Dulux Pearlglo Solvent Based

Dulux Pearlglo Solvent Based  is a premium interior polyurethane non-drip mid sheen enamel.

Dulux Pink Wood Primer

Dulux Wood Prime is a general purpose oil-based prime for interior and exterior wooden surfaces.

Dulux QuickDry Enamel

Formulated for protecting interior and exterior steel surfaces with exceptionally high gloss for long lasting f nish e.g. Steel Cabinets, Shelves, Tools and Gardens sets


Durable semi-gloss enamel for interior and exterior cement and concrete floors

Dulux Trade Hichem Epoxy Enamel

Dulux Trade Hichem Epoxy Enamel is a high gloss epoxy enamel for interior industrial and home use (e.g. garage floors, etc.) Can be applied on walls, floors and suitably primed metal surfaces.


DESCRIPTION A water-based epoxy enamel for interior use in food and pharmaceutical industries as well as for maintenance in other confined areas

Rockgrip LC Etch Primer

Rockgrip LC Etch Primer is a versatile primer for clean galvanised iron and non-ferrous metals

Woodgard Exterior Double Life Timbavarnish

Woodgard Exterior Double Life Timbavarnish is a high performance, glossy exterior clear varnish

Woodgard Exterior Rubbol

Woodgard Exterior Rubbol is a penetrating wood dressing for the protection of all exterior wooden surfaces only