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Bergermaster Craftsman Nukote PVA

Bergermaster Craftsman Nukote is a low cost, quick drying, general purpose matt PVA.

Dulux acrylic pva

Dulux Acrylic PVA is a high quality interior/exterior washable matt finish.

Dulux Bathroom+

Dulux Bathroom+ is an attractive soft sheen finish for bathrooms.

Dulux Easycare

Dulux EasyCare is a premium interior ultimate washable matt paint.

Dulux Luxurious Silk Tinted

Dulux Luxurious Silk is a low odour premium interior mid sheen finish with supreme stain resistance.

Dulux Pearlglo Solvent Based

Dulux Pearlglo Solvent Based  is a premium interior polyurethane non-drip mid sheen enamel.

Dulux Pearlglo Water Based

Dulux Pearlglo is a superior, tough waterborne satin enamel for interior and exterior use.

Rockgrip Soft Velvet

Rockgrip Soft Velvet is a sheen finishing paint for interior and exterior use

Rockgrip Wall & Ceiling

Rockgrip Wall & Ceiling is a good quality interior or exterior matt finish